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Hotspot (WLAN Hot Spot)

General information about Hotspot

A hotspot can be described as a public access point for internet access. You can find Hotspots in hotels, restaurants, bars, beer gardens, companies, firms, congress centers, fairs, meetings, buss stops, stations, airports, motorway service stations, housing estates, camp sites, parks and beaches. ...

Most Hotspots are run by the big providers, like in Germany: T-mobile/T-Com, Vodafone, 1&1, AOL, Swisscom and some others. It is usually so that the Hotspot provider supplies the hardware for free, but the billing including profits are processed by the company running the hotspot. The company, where the Hotspot is situated has none or next to no earnings at all.
This way of billing has the advantage that customers of hotel chains (service station chains) for example, can access the internet in every hotel with the same account, and do not have to register each time. This method is however inflexible in that tarifs cannot be adjusted to local sites, are generally expensive because of additional admin costs and the inefficient use of Hotspot sites (co-financing). Such installations, often with one access point are not able to cover all rooms.


Hotspot Server

Sylbek Hardware & Software Hotspot solutions

Sylbek as a family business, has been offering since 2005 Hotspot Servers as well as bandwidth management solutions and firewall platforms. Our Hotspot solutions described above, distinguish themselves apart from other big suppliers.

Having bought a hotpot solution (circa 200-800 EUR depending on type of device) there are no further running costs (excluding your internet access).
You can offer your customers/guests professional internet access, even for free as your service. The Hotspot Server is installed between your router and customers (access point or switch). You can connect as many access points as needed to the Hotspot Server in order to achieve 100% coverage in every room (see diagram below).

During the installation/setup phase you will receive support over the telephone (included in the price). You will also receive information about supplied access points and their network specifics. After that you will have complete control and be able to decide who has network access and how the welcome/login page looks.

Creating customer accounts will be an ongoing process. This can be however made easier when you setup a onetime so called room user and post this in the room with instructions and terms of use. If you prepare users in an excel table you can import these into the hotspot server.

It is easy and professional to provide access in the form of a business card of your own design with access data, password/username, clearly readable on them. For this purpose we have supplied for many years a Print Manager that supports the production of access cards in business card format. This application is available for every Hotspot device 5 years long (without charge) as one of three methods to allow internet access.

Many companies have chosen our solutions, possibly in your area. Have a look the extract from our hotspot reference list.

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Hotspot AccessPoint Broadcom DD-WRT multiple SSID
Hotspot network with multiple access points - DualSSID

Further informations
Hotspot hardware comparison

Hotspot Solution

Hotspot SBR701-HS
sbr611 sbr450 sbmi3gb hotspot sbr701-hs ram vpn wan lan tcp web

575.00 EUR
684.25 incl VAT

Hotspot SBR401-HS mieten hotspot sbr401-hs ram

14.90 EUR
17.73 incl VAT

Hotspot SBR234-HS
sbr230-hs sbr217-hs hotspot sbr234-hs cpu ram vpn wan lan tcp web

469.00 EUR
558.11 incl VAT

Hotspot SBR234-1U-HS
sbr230-1u-hs sbr217-1u-hs hotspot sbr234-1u-hs cpu ram vpn wan lan tcp web

575.00 EUR
684.25 incl VAT

Hotspot SBR951-HS
wlan hotspot indoor/outdoor, staedte & gemeinden kaufen/mieten hotspot sbr951-hs poe wds cpu ram

249.00 EUR
296.31 incl VAT

Hotspot SBR95A-HS
sbr75m sbr95mu hotspot sbr95a-hs poe wds cpu ram wan web

449.00 EUR
534.31 incl VAT

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